Valuables Insurance
We all have valuables that we treasure and would resent the outcome of a total loss or partial damage.

Standard insurers typically cannot comprehend either the higher value or nature of individual items that include jewellery and watches.

To safeguard cherished valuables we encourage that you obtain up to date valuations so as to avoid being underinsured in the event of a loss.

Merritt Insurance arranges cover for:

All Risks, Worldwide coverage including Accidental Damage – Automatically included. Everything is covered worldwide.

High Single Article Limits – Unlike standard policies our insurers provide very high single article limits above which items have to be specified.

Depreciation Cover – Automatically included for the loss in value of a specified item following a partial loss.

No Policy Excess or Deductible – Following an insured loss no policy excess or deductible usually applies.

Very High Limits for Valuations – Valuations are normally only required for single items where the value is significantly higher than that required by non specialist insurers.

No Average or Underinsurance clauses – Policies from our insurers do not have ‘average or underinsurance clauses’ that can result in a proportional reduction in claim payments.

Highly Flexible Policy Coverage – Our Insurers like you to enjoy your valuables as you choose and not as dictated by onerous policy wordings.

Floating Jewellery Limits – In the case of a substantial jewellery collection where only a selection of items are worn at any one time, our insurers can provide a’ floating jewellery limit’ as a way to provide a more competitive premium for the selected level of coverage.

Un-restrictive choice of company for replacement – Our specialist insurers do not dictate where you go to have items repaired or replaced.

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