Collections Insurance
We acknowledge the framework of devotion required to shape a collection whether it is artwork, coins, wine or relatively any other collectables that are of significant importance.

The duration of building a collection can emulate a lifetime where the replacement cost is often overlooked.

Our insurers allow you to enjoy your collections without the typical and restrictive clauses imposed by standard insurance policies.

Merritt Insurance arranges cover for:

All Risks, Worldwide coverage including Accidental Damage – Automatically included. Everything is covered worldwide.

High Single Article Limits – Unlike standard policies our insurers provide very high single article limits above which items have to be specified.

High Limits for Valuations – Valuations are normally only required for single items where the value is significantly higher than that required by non specialist insurers.

No Average or Underinsurance clauses – The policies from our insurers do not have ‘average or underinsurance clauses’ that can result in a proportional reduction in claim payments.

Newly Acquired Items – Our specialist policies automatically include cover for newly acquired items so that you have immediate protection.

Defective Title – Protects you in the event that you are found not to be the rightful owner of an item in your collection.

Death of Artist – Following the loss to an item in your collection by an artist who recently passed away, insurers will cover the enhanced claim amount as a result of the artist’s recent death.

Items on Exhibition or Loan – In addition to the Insurance for transportation, Insurers also cover items on exhibition or when on display or loan.

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